Great bunch of people
We recently completed our PADI open water and dry suit courses, and from start go finish everyone at the scuba school was really supportive and helpful. Kerry was our instructor who was fantastic throughout, and we came across loads of the other instructors/volunteers at the school and everyone was really helpful and friendly. Daz and Fiona have been great all along from when we first signed up, and have recommended to us several future dives that we’re interested in. They have great subject knowledge but are all really nice people in general making the whole experience really enjoyable.
(Katie, Trip Advisor 2019)

PADI Junior Advanced Open Water
My 12 year old daughter has just completed her PADI Junior Advanced Open Water qualification with Scuba School
Watching your daughter sink below the surface while you stand and watch bubbles could be a bit stressful but the standard of teaching, safety and fun that these guys offer is nothing short of outstanding
At this time of year the water and the weather are cold and not at all inviting but she came out of every dive grinning and has not stopped since
Fantastic – thank you
(Ian, Trip Advisor 2019)

Professional, Reassuring, FUN
Booked a Discover Scuba Diving as I had not dived for a number of years & partner never dived. Very professional in their approach & understanding & supportive of my partner. Finished the session relaxed & wanting more.
Brian & Daz, who lead the session very experienced & approachable.
Would highly recommend on all accounts….. cannot wait & planning next visit for my partner & myself!
(Jon, Trip Advisor 2019)

Rescue Course
What a great team. I have just completed a rescue course with Scubaschool and they were just amazing. The organisation from start to finish was so professional. Sue and Brian were the instructors and there delivery was first class. This was backed up throughout the weeks by a team which were brilliant. And the final scenarios I don’t believe you will get better anywhere. THIS COURSE IS A MUST.
Many thanks again.
(Ade, Trip Advisor 2019)

Outstanding Scuba School
“My son Callum joined Scuba School when he was 12 back in August, he is just 13 and yesterday due to all the hard work he put in but also for the outstanding training he is now a fully qualified open water scuba diver and fully qualified dry suit diver. Scuba School is not just a training facility, they treat you like family. Everything is done to the highest standards to make sure that the divers do the best they can. Daz & Fiona, what can I say, just an amazing couple with hearts of gold. I am so happy we found this place, they’ve changed my son’s life for the better, he now has a whole new world ahead of him. Also thank you to the other instructors Barry and Louise who helped Callum achieve his dream. And to Kerry, David & Rachel who have also been a huge support to Callum. I highly recommend this Scuba School, you will never find another one as caring and committed as this one. Callum will definitely be continuing more courses with them and he’s even talked us into trying a try dive! Thank you so much for everything Scuba School.” Helen Biddle (2018, Redditch)

“After a try dive with them, I decided to sign up straight away for the open water course. I cannot thank them enough for the fantastic service they provided! So much I decided to get some extra qualifications with them, drysuit spec and the DSMB course. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and most importantly, absolutely passionate about their work. I am looking forward to going diving again with them!” Ann Claire (2018)

Best Diving School Ever
“My son took his open water with Scuba School a year ago and has never looked back. I had reservations about him doing scuba diving, it being such an extreme sport, however, finding Fiona and Daz was the best thing I could have done, together with the whole team from instructions to surface cover, they are passionate about what they do, and treat everyone who trains with them as if they are part of a big family. Such a welcoming environment, which puts you at ease from the start. They are professional, and their attention to detail and safety are second to none. My son has become a member of scuba school and now enjoys taking PADI speciality courses, attends weekend away, specialised youth days and endless pool sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend Scuba School to anyone who wants to learn to dive with confidence.” Deb Patton (2018)
Open Water Scuba
Just wanted to say what an excellent training team this company has.
My 10 year old son has been taking his OW course and the staff have been excellent, the owners Daz and Fiona are great and they hand picked an instructor that my son really connected with, then rescheduled the instructors time to make sure he stayed with my lad throughout! Just a brilliant team! Allan Simmonds (2018)

“I completed my advanced open water (needed two more dives!) dry suit speciality and also nitrox speciality this month with Scuba School.
I first discovered diving 9 years ago when I completed a “discover scuba” evening at another diving club. It wasn’t until I had a try dive about a year ago on holiday in Tenerife that I decided to take up diving as a hobby.
As soon as I got home I enrolled straight onto the next open water course (with a different school). This is where things got complicated, I have a disability that affects the movement in my left arm/shoulder. Basically when I was born the doctors tore the nerves In my left arm which now prevents me from lifting my left arm above my head. I also cannot extend my left arm. I managed to adapt everything to enable me to complete the required skills. Everything was going well until I got to the dry suit orientation in the pool, at that point I was told that I could no longer continue with the course as the valve to empty the air was on the left shoulder and I needed to extend my arm. I was told to basically give up on the idea of uk diving and just do it when I’m in hotter countries using a wetsuit. With this advice, initially I was quite upset, until I realised that it wasn’t the end of the world, and booked to complete my open water certification in Gran Canaria and Adventure diver certification in Thailand.
Then a few weeks ago I was driving through studley, and came across the PADI logo, I almost performed an emergency stop in the middle of the road as I have recently moved from Birmingham to Evesham and was looking for a local club to join. I went in and met Fiona. I explained my situation and she explained to me that there was no reason why a dump valve couldn’t be fitted to the right arm cuff. I signed up to complete the last two advanced dives, nitrox speciality and also dry suit diver speciality certifications. The first course I completed was nitrox, my instructor was Brian, who was excellent in delivering the course and anything I didn’t get straight away he went back over until I understood.
For my drysuit orientation I had Sue, who again was excellent, and made me feel relaxed as I was quite nervous from my previous bad experience of drysuit diving.
Darren, Brian and Sue all helped me complete my open water dives to gain the certifications. Everyone in the club is really friendly, made me feel welcomed and all helped me with my gear (I need additional help because of my arm!). I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has helped me achieve this, and I can’t wait for the next adventure! I would definitely recommend scuba school to everyone. Cheers guys xx” Rachel R, (2017)

“Part way through my open water course and I am really enjoying it. Daz and Fiona are excellent instructors are very experienced and so clearly want all the students to have the best diving tuition and experience, such good advocates for this great pastime.
Their are many great friendly instructors at the school.
Safety is one of their key if not highest priority, then I would say it’s taking the time to help you learn at your pace. Cant recommend them high enough. Richard Ellis (2017, Redditch)

“A fantastic family of friends, all with the vested interest in safe diving. I did my advanced open water with Daz, Fiona, Sue and Nick and I couldn’t have asked for a better team. Battling against the terrible visibility of cold english water the course was directed with a good mix of professional standards coupled with a nice friendly rapport and safe diving practices. I then continued with my Dry suit, wreck and deep specialities – all of which were controlled nicely, ran in good time and the wealth of information was delivered with their own personal experiences of diving around the world – a very useful insight into the real world of diving.” Peter W (2016)

Nothing but communication, considerations and care for everyone involved. I would recommend to anyone, and see no reason to learn with anyone else – watch out for their purple colours around local dive sites! – they don’t half stand out!

“Darren Ellis has been instructing new PADI scuba divers for many years. He first taught me in 2010, and I followed this up last year with 6 more Specialities, attaining Master Scuba Diver certification. Daz and his team at Scuba School are the most professional and patient of instructors, who not only teach you best-in-class technique, but also make it a lot of fun. Beyond the tuition, Scuba School run many diving trips both in the UK and abroad. So whether it’s stretching your diving skills or just having fun recreational diving, you’re in safe hands at Scuba School with Daz!” Michael Blenkinsop (2016, Kings Norton)

“Thank-you for giving Noah a wonderful evening at Stechford Pool last night – we were really impressed with the friendliness of the staff and expert tuition from the instructor Daz. We will definitely be in touch in the New Year. Happy Christmas to you all & enjoy Warwick Castle.” Imogen Rider  (2016, Birmingham)

“I have just started by Divemaster internship with Scuba School because they were friendly and were prepared to go at my own pace because of work and home commitments. With their support and guidance I hope to reach my goal as a competent DM. I would highly recommend them as they are always there to accommodate you if you have any concerns or queries through your diving training. The instructors and DMs are brilliant and your experience with the club does not end there. There is the social aspect and everyone will make you feel very welcome.” Dhanvir Soor (2016, Birmingham)

“Took my son Ben age 9 to do the bubble maker. He loved it and definitely now has the bug to continue. Darren, Fiona and crew were really helpful, professional making easy for him to get stuck in.We will be returning for the next phase.” Donna Fletcher (2015, Castle Vale)

“I’ve just completed my PADI Rescue Diver course with scuba school. I would firstly like to thank everyone involved with this course it was amazing. The course structure, course materials and atmosphere were excellent, nothing was to much trouble for these guys. Its was handled at a relaxed pace and everything was explained fully. I am now both mentally and physically exhausted by the realistic scenarios on day 2 of the open water part. I know I have gained more confidence in how to handle a stressful situation and taken away some very important life skills. I highly recommend this course and dive company, it’s basically a must for any diver, and yes I would jump at the chance to do it again. thanks guys.” David Buck  (2015, Coventry)

“Brilliant staff and a great, professional, and supportive club. More like a big family than a scuba school. I learnt to dive with Daz and Fiona years ago, and been hooked ever since.” Chris Bush (2015, Redditch)

“I have just completed my Advanced Open Water qualification, and I can honestly say it was a fantastic experience. Training and diving with Darren is like diving with your mates. He makes sure he explains everything thoroughly and double checks everything before entering the water. He made me feel very relaxed and confident in my abilities and his professional attitude shines through. I would have no hesitation in recommending Scuba School and its staff to anyone either beginning or continuing their diving adventures.” Simon Hindmarch (2015, Smiths Wood)

“My wife was extremely nervous when she started her course for Padi Open Water last August but she has successfully completed the course and Scuba School were not only very patient but they are extremely safe. I have dived with several companies and by far they are the best company and we have become proud members of this family of divers. If you want to go Scuba diving, Choose Scuba School, YOU WON’T GO WRONG. Thanks Daz, Fiona, Becky, Chewie, Sue, Jane, Roy and Nick. Awesome instructor team.” Ian Moore (2015, Redditch)

“My SCUBA journey started back in early 2014 with a try dive, once this was done and dusted I knew I could manage the breathing under water thing and that SCUBA was something I just had to do. I quickly followed up my try dive by searching for a Dive School local to me, Luckily that school was Scuba School! I called Daz and we had a very honest chat and I was invited round to talk through the options. That same night I found myself at Scuba School HQ with a nice cup of tea and signing up for the Open Water course. Daz and Fiona were very welcoming and understanding… My work schedule is what could be described as varied and I was not able to attend the training sessions every week but the flexibility of Scuba School was exactly what I needed. The day of Confined Water 1 soon rattled round and I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing but I was introduced to Sue Lawrence who was to be my instructor for the evening, we had a good chat before we even went near the water and I was feeling much more settled about the whole idea of breathing like a fish. This week we had a 1 to 1 session which was great, some Dive schools try to have much greater numbers of students which was one thing I was a little worried about, but with Scuba School their ethos is much different. The session went without a hitch and I learned a few new SCUBA skills. As the months rolled by my work schedule occasionally allowed me to attend the required confined water dives in which I learned more and more skills and became more and more confident.. Never did I feel rushed to complete something or that there was any kind of time limit everything was done at my own pace. Before I knew it it was time for the Open Water weekend – something I had been working towards for months! So off to Cromhall we went, very thorough briefs for all dives it was evident that safety under water was paramount for everyone concerned. More Skills, Deeper Water, Dry Suits and the less we talk about the vis the better! We all had a fantastic weekend – again at our own pace with 1 to 1 tuition all the way.” Andy Day (2014, Bromsgrove)

“From my try dive to qualifying to open water I have never experienced anything like this so far in my life so what can I say about it?? Its blooming fantastic!! The scuba school team are so supportive, understanding and fun to be around its like being part of a big happy family my only regret is that I wished I done this earlier in my life as I feel more confident within myself all thanks to the fantastic team who run scuba school and all members I have met along the way!!” Katie Britland  (2014, Mosley)

“On the 6th of Feb this year, I was treated to a “Try Dive” experience at Redditch Pool by my wife Maureen. Must have been one of her best presents to me ever. Darren and Fiona who run the course could not have been kinder or understanding. Everything was so professional and easy all taken at your own pace on a one to one basis. What a wonderful experience to ” fly ” effortlessly through the water , so much so that I decided to sign up there and then for the ” Open Water Course ” Nice to be part of the family — Thanks both.” Tony Rogers  (2014, Rugby)

“Did my Discover Scuba Diving introduction last night with Scuba School. A really friendly and professional team. Really enjoyed it, and was surprised how much they managed to teach me. I will certainly be going back to do my open water course with these guys.” Chris Wright  (2013)

“Completed my rescue course with these guys! Absolutely fantastic weekend, made even better by the friendly and helpful staff! Highly recommended for any training course!” Aidan Moore (2013)