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PADI Seal Team


book-now-purpleThe PADI Seal Team is for our young customers as of the age of 8, who want to learn to dive through completing exciting, action packed Aqua Missions in a pool. These missions integrate games with fun underwater activities whilst, at the same time teaching basic diving skills, under the direct supervision of our experienced (DBS enhanced, checked) PADI professional instructors. The Seal Team course gives the children a chance to do some cool stuff in the pool, meet new friends and share in the adventure of the underwater world.

What do you need to start?

  • You must be 8 years old or older
  • You need to be comfortable in the water (no prior scuba diving experience is necessary)
  • Parental approval (including a self certification medical for the child) is required. Click here to go to the form/s you need to complete before starting this course.

 What will you learn?

The program is in two separate parts:

Part One: Covers Aqua Missions 1-5 and, upon completion, each child is awarded the PADI Seal Team Certification and becomes an official PADI Seal Team Member.

In Part One, Aqua Missions 1-5 cover the basics of scuba diving, such as how to use scuba gear, breathing under water from your regulator, how to communicate under water, how to clear your mask, how to recover our regulator, techniques for equalisation, how to breath from your buddy’s alternate regulator and how to float effortlessly like an astronaut.

Part Two: PADI Seals can continue the fun and exploration by undertaking a further 10 Speciality Aqua Missions and become a Master Seal Team Member.

In Part Two, you will become a PADI Master Seal team member through completing 10 speciality Aqua Missions. Each mission will introduce new challenges, skills and underwater experiences including search and recovery diving, wreck diving, navigation specialist, night specialist, inner space specialist, environmental specialist, creature ID specialist,, safety specialist, skin diver specialist and snap shot specialist. Aqua Missions 6-15 can be completed in any order. Once 10 speciality Aqua Missions have been completed you’ll become a Master Seal Team member, joining an elite group of young scuba divers.

For Aqua Missions part one and part two every child will have a log book and an activity book to complete.  There is also a Seal Team DVD to help reinforce safe diving skills.

How long does it take?

  • Part One: Aqua Missions 1-5. Each Aqua Mission usually takes 2 hours including the diving briefing and pool time.
  • Part Two: Aqua Missions 6-15. Each Aqua Mission usually takes 2 hours including the dive briefing and pool time.

What’s included in the price?

Seal Team (Part One) 5 week Aqua Mission program:

  • 5 Aqua Mission pools sessions
  • Equipment hire and air fills
  • Seal Team crew pack and log book
  • Seal Team registration, certification picture card and wall card
  • Pool entry fees
  • Instruction and supervision by a PADI professional
  • Lots of FUN….

Master Seal (Part Two) 10 week Aqua Mission program:

  • 10 Aqua Mission pool sessions
  • Equipment hire and air fills
  • Sea Team crew pack and log book
  • Master seal registration, Certification picture card and wall card
  • Pool entry fees
  • Instruction and supervision by a PADI professional
  • And…loads more FUN….


Part One: Seal team Aqua Missions 1-5, £199.00

Part Two: Master Seal Speciality Aqua Missions, £49 each (minimum of 10 suggested)


Where can you go from here?

If you are 10 years old or older you can take the PADI Junior Open Water Diver course (your experience of the Seal Team can count towards this).